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Luxurious Eco-friendly Lifestyle
Pet Accessories for a Cause
dog enjoing on P.L.A.Y. snuggle bed on kitchen floor
Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.
— James Cromwell, American Actor


The rescue organizations we support

Doggy Be is a place managed by animal lovers where you will find environmentally friendly lifestyle pet products, with premium quality and unique design...

and so far, we have been able on a regular basis to help the following non profitable associations:


Little Angels

Little angles Animal Rescue League logo


Little Angels located in Sharjah. is a Non-Profit organization created in 2013 by Maryam, a young Emirati lady. They rescue strays, abandoned pets, animals in crucial need from all over UAE and find them loving home. They have a no kill policy and relies solely on public support. (instagram @uaelittleangels)


The Animals & Us

Animals and us Fujairah logo


The Animals & Us located in Fujairah is a non-profit, registered, animal welfare charity founded in 2006 by Michelle Francis, a full time teacher, with the goal of reducing pain and fear inflicted on animals by humans. The charity rescues abandoned stray animals, provides veterinarian assistance, helps to find homes for unwanted animals through adoption, and educates the public in the responsibilities of animals ownership.

The shelter has a no kill policy and relies solely on public support.

The shelter houses 150 dogs, 60 cats and also have feeding stations in the Fujairah area. (instagram @animalsandusfuj)


Stray Dog Center Umm Al Quwain

Stray Dog Center Umm Al Quwain is a private animal shelter that was established in 2013 and relies solely on public support to operate.

Owned and managed by Amirah William, the shelter operates with the support of approximately 350 volunteers.

The shelter is federal and local licensed, nonprofit, no kill shelter, on a mission to help abused, abandoned, neglected and forgotten stray animals in the UAE. The shelter house 480 dogs, 15 cats and 2 donkeys.