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Luxurious Eco-friendly Lifestyle
Pet Accessories for a Cause
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Barktender Toy Collection

Make playtime special with our Barktender Collection! Enjoy cocktail-shaped plush toys like the Pawtini and Mospaw Mule, perfect for celebrating your dog's joy and happiness. Treat your pup today

doggy be tips to select bed for pet, infographic image inside thinking cloud
Select the best pet bed

Dogs and Cats spend on average 16 hours a day sleeping. Let's see top considerations when selecting a bed for your furry friend to be comfortable when they are just chilling out or napping.

Ecofriendly Pet Toys

How important is it to go greener with eco-friendly pet products?
And we can recycle and upcycle items with small DIY tricks.

Trending beds

100% washable pet beds for sleep and relax time