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Pet Accessories for a Cause

Introducing The Doggy Be Collective

The work environment has changed for everyone. Many companies are still encouraging staff members to work away from the office while some companies are offering flexiwork options. We know working at home is not always the ideal scenario whether you live alone or have other family members working from home as well or young ones attending online classes. Lack of quiet spaces, inadequate desks, and missing interactions with other co-workers are common issues people face when working away from their offices. When you finally decide that you want to get out of the house to work for a few hours in a new environment, comes the guilt of leaving your dog at home alone.
Person sitting on conference table with dog on the bench next to him

There is no need to feel guilty anymore! Doggy Be introduces The Doggy Be Collective, the only indoor pet friendly co-working space where you can come to work and have your dog spend the day with you. Conveniently located on Umm Suqeim Road, one of Dubai’s main artery roads, in the direction heading towards the Mall of the Emirates.

Explore Artwork and Handcrafts

Two ladies sitting in low sitting and doing craftwork on glass-top of chess table
While you are at The Collective you can explore the latest collections of eco-friendly pet toys, beds and accessories from P.L.A.Y. USA exclusively imported by Doggy Be; shop for handicrafts created by women led businesses Macrameology by Kay, Bearall, The Silly Saluki and Furnature; browse artwork inspired by local scenes in the UAE created by Vern Brown, an American artist based in Dubai; purchase pet collars and leashes from Pickles, discover unique customized pet outfits from Cao Estilo Couture, find reusable “face mask for a cause” from Petooti or eco-friendly poo bags from Darko The Royal.

We also have a selection of yummy and healthy treats from Furchild and Pawsalicious available for your furry family member.

Lady sitting on green sofa and giving treats to black and white dog

At The Collective

The Doggy Be Collective offers you free use of Wi-Fi during your visit. With our 8 different working stations you can choose to book a table for collaborative work or independent workstations when you need some quiet time alone. The selection of workstations are ideal for visitors who like to have a change in their work environment by giving you the choice of formal work desks, kitchen style bar stools, or living room sofa and single seaters for a more casual feeling (just without the temptation to turn on the TV!).
Three guys sitting on small conference table with laptops focused on their work

Visitors are encouraged to spend as much time as they like during their visit and must remember to keep their dog on a leash. We recommend taking your pet for a walk if you stay for long periods of time allowing them to relieve themselves outdoors.

Three ladies sitting on sofa and modern style chair, having small talk

The Doggy Be Collective is accessed from the street level and parking is available within the warehouse compound or paid RTA parking along the slip road of Umm Suqeim road. Every pet is given an individual fresh bowl of water and we offer a selection of PLAY’s beds for your pooch to feel comfortable and award-winning toys to discover while you concentrate on your work.

Pet owners are offered a free coffee with the purchase of every pen, pencil, or postcard, and are welcome to order food from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to the collective when you get hungry.

Operating timings are from 9.30am to 5.30pm Sunday to Thursday.

Two ladies sitting on comfortable sofa chairs, talking and smiling

How to make booking?

Advance bookings are advised. Please contact us by whatsapp icon or DM on our instagram icon to reserve your table. Due to the current Health & Safety regulations in place in Dubai, pre booking a day prior to your visit is required.

4 people sitting on sofa and sofa chair with their dogs, celebrating dog birthday, surrounded with a lot of decorations

If you are interested in booking the venue for a private function, please contact us by whatsapp icon or DM on our instagram icon to discuss our special packages.