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Luxurious Eco-friendly Lifestyle
Pet Accessories for a Cause

Looking for luxury designed and eco-friendly couch for small dog or cat? Or maybe chill pad, pillow or teepee tents for puppies and kittens. 

Our decorative furniture grade products are designed to find place in the middle of room, next to you, rather that in corners, and to match wide range of house interiors. Beds cover materials are 100% cotton, velvet, jeans or plush. Bed fillings are made of recycled water bottles - patented PlanetFIll material, providing maximum comfort and ensuring better future for people and planet. To secure long life, please make sure to use them indoor.  For alternatives that are provisioned for outdoor use, please visit outdoor collection page.

Lounge Sofa Beds for Small Dog Breeds and Cats

Chill Pad

Dhs. 152.00