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Pet Accessories for a Cause

Let's get doggo ready for hiking, trekking and outdoor activities like desert safari and camping, orienteering and mountaineering with line of durable, compact and stylish outdoor dog tents, beds, toys and camping gear. 

Enjoy your adventures together without worries about stains or items getting wet.

Outdoor gear and accessories

Honeycomb Rope Toy

Dhs. 26.00

Wobble Ball Enrichment Toy

Dhs. 78.75

PLAY Tunnel for dogs

Dhs. 228.00

Tug Rope Toy

Dhs. 26.00

Toss & Float Toy

Dhs. 67.00

Barbell Rope Toy

Dhs. 30.00

Tug Ball Rope Toy

Dhs. 32.84

NovaFlex Nova Stick

Dhs. 36.70

NovaFlex Nova Ball

Dhs. 29.00